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In reviewing your ballot for Proposition A, you will find the statement, “This is a property tax increase.” In 2019, legislators enacted a law that obligates school districts to include this statement on all school bond propositions, even if no increase in the tax rate is anticipated.


Unlike other taxing entities such as cities, towns, or counties, school districts are uniquely subject to this requirement on bond election ballots.


Despite this requirement, Midland ISD’s tax rate will be nearly 4 cents lower than the 2022 rate, even if Proposition A is approved.

Pass or fail, the property tax rate

remains nearly 4 cents lower than 2022

We have a unique opportunity to invest in Midland and our kids —our future— with no net tax increase. Will this investment require a sacrifice? Yes. Passing the bond will mean $25 less tax relief, but you will still see an average of $52 monthly tax break.

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PROPOSITION A addresses the safety concerns of buildings with too many entrance points that were constructed 65-95 years ago (when school shootings were non-existent) by building 2 larger high schools, 1 new elementary school, modernizing older campuses and improving security at all campuses for the safety of students and teachers. It also enhances technology infrastructure across all campuses.

PROPOSITION A addresses Midland ISD’s growing enrollment and lack of room for growth by reconfiguring grades, moving 9th graders to the new High School campuses so they can take full advantage of High School curriculum, and moving 6th graders to Middle School campuses so they can take full advantage of Middle School curriculum. This reconfiguration allows the district to modernize Legacy High School and freshman campuses, creating 2 new Middle Schools and opening up 1400 Pre-K seats at elementary schools to focus on early childhood education.

Prop A - Bond

The issuance of $1,415,400,000 school building bonds for the design, construction, acquisition, rehabilitation, renovation, expansion, improvement, and equipment of school buildings in the district, including (I) two new high schools, (II) middle school expansion, renovation and improvement, (III) district wide safety, security, and accessibility improvements, (IV) a new elementary school and (V) rehabilitation and improvement of existing facilities, and the levy and imposition of taxes sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds and the costs of any credit agreements. This is a property tax increase.


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Let's leave a legacy for our next generation

It's what we leave behind that matters

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